Property transfers

Property transfers recorded in Mahoning County June 1-5:


Hector D. Colon Jr. and Tonya M. Colon to Carrieann Price and Bryan Thomas Price, 1353 Mulberry Run, $281,550

Tyler Crockett and Ashlyn L. Chieffo to Mehmet Yegin and Gulsun Yegin, 1431 Bexley Drive, $123,000

John Toby Martucci to Robert Patrick Dillon III, 4156 Burkey Road, $87,000

Joseph T. Dina and Rosalyn M. Dina to John Dina, 5528 Cider Mill Crossing, $110,000

Jared Vinkler to Daniel D. Wedding and Kara Wedding, 57 Pineview Drive, $113,000

Justin Bauman to Erin R. Sturrus, 4619 Warwick South, $110,000

Rosemary Ensley to Daniel J. and Phyllis M. Johntony, 5583 London Drive, $109,900

William R. Grimm and Kristy L. Grimm to Robert M. Chismar Jr., 4511 Alderwood Drive, $149,500

Stephen P. Koneval to Yvonne L. Kelly, 6220 Herons Circle, $262,500

EAS Management of the Valley LLC to Deion R. Law, 256 Idlewood Road, $83,500

Ryan Marshall to Jenna M. Rinehart, 3802 Cannon Road, $100,000

David Dickson to Nicholas B. Morrell and Jenna L. Morrell, 645 Carlin Drive, $130,000

Robert Lee Rosser to Thomas A. and Joann M. Stolar, 5992 Callaway Circle, $97,500

Keith Dick and Olga Magdalena Dick to George V. Barnette et al., 6895 Winterpark Ave., $189,000

Kenneth L. and Doris E. Foster to Julie Marie Bartos, 5376 Nashua Drive, $256,000


Linda C. Toy to Donald L. Yoho III, 3280 Lynn Road, $220,000

Courtyards at Stonegate LLC to Carla R. Thomas, 9264 Sharrott Road, $273,836


Chemical Bank to Robert Porter and Jamie Lynn Porter, 8009 Hunters Cove, $203,000

Mark E. Stewart and Connie L. Stewart to Jamil Mohsin, 4866 Brookwood Road, $40,000

Anthony J. Ricci Jr. and Vicki J. Ricci to Kimberley A. Bianco, 1428 Turnberry Drive, $155,000

Kelli P. Weiser to Matthew M. Schaade and Jacqueline M. Weber, 3910 Windsor Road, $179,000

Eric M. Forlina to Tracy and Angela Parrish, 4624 Southern Blvd., $57,000

Estate of Robert M. Appleman to Richard P. Palmer and Emily Palmer, 5645 Sharon Drive, $190,000

Frnak Horvatich Jr. and Charlene Horvatich to Charles Carissimi and Joann Carissimi, 647 Cathyann Drive, $170,000

Angela M. Buchanan and Walter M. Gawlak to Mary L. Stark, 380 Afton Ave., $70,000

Jacob D. Short and Hannah C. Short to Mallory Elizabeth Nims and Christopher Ryan Trucksis, 4469 Tippecanoe Road, $185,500

Dawn Marsilio Williams to KWA2019 LLC, 80 Romaine Ave., $63,000

Jesus Rosa Jr. to John A. Cashbaugh, 170 Clifton Drive, $68,000

Tejdeep Singh Properties LLC to Malik Enterprises LLC, 918 Pearson Circle No. 6, $34,000

Brian J. and Kari M. Antal to Krysten M. Brown, 744 Nelbert Lane, $74,900

Beverly R. Woods to LHD Property Group LLC, 884 Indianola Road, $35,000

James S. Demetra et al. to Betty J. Simchick, 1559 Rosehedge Drive, $152,900

The Estate of Hannah Henderson to Robert A. Pavalko II and David M. Nickell, 692 Oakridge Drive, $129,000

John Ruble, trustee to Ellen T. Platt, trustee, 820 Southwestern Run, $118,500


Olson Leasing LLC to Mark A. Pitzer and Julie A. Pitzer, 320 Oak St., $198,000

Bryan Remias and Stephanie Remias to Samantha Renee Marucci and Brandon Kyle Pluchinsky, 160 Woodland Run, $300,000

Warren A. Roller to Brandon L. Diehl, 118 Garwood Drive, $200,000

YTown Properties LLC to Jenert Investments LLC, 366 W. Main St., $250,000

Canfield Township

David B. Ramsey Jr. to Shane W. Javens, 4568 S. Raccoon Road, $130,000

Michael A. Shumaker and Kristie L. Shumaker to Yiyang Zhang and Xie Zhuanzhuan, 6291 Catawba Drive, $260,000


Paul A. Wilson and Cindy Wilson to Charles A. Dailey, 9664 W. Western Reserve Road, $156,000


Kathleen P. Leasure to Ryan A. Leasure, 51 Mohican, $175,000

Nicole D. Melfi to Chad Zirafi, 988 Lincoln, $102,000

FDL A&C LLC to Mark V. Wagner and Wendy A. Wagner, 624 Trumbull, $30,000

Paul E. Gerthung and Mary T. Gerthung to Leo S. Grimes and Theresa M. Grimes, 987 Beechwood, $95,000

John P. Delliquadri to Master Realty LLC, 62 Liberty, $75,500

Coastal Brothers to Copey LLC, 614 N. State, $350,000


Keith C. Bingham, trustee, to Shannon Nicole Barnes and Bruce E. Barnes, 12620 Lisbon Road, $600,000

George E. Kalamets and Karen F. Kalamets to Kenneth D. Johnson Jr. and Mary L. Johnson, 7177 Cool Road, $310,000


Shawn E. Persons to Aplus Homes LLC, 2136 Ruth, $54,807

Aplus Homes LLC to M Walker Investments LLC, 2136 Ruth, $68,000

Coastal Brothers to Tripco LLC, 624 N. Main, $300,000

Donald N. Cheffo and Christina M. Cheffo to Louis Alessio and Christina Alessio, 3503 Timber Point Blvd., $323,000


Timothy J. Leek to Barbara Kovach and John A. Damis, Overbrook, $40,000

Ronald Armour and Barbara A. Armour to Midfirst Bank, 1158 Logan Wood, $120,840

Randy DeMoss to Leroy Gibson and Sherri E. Gibson, 1298 Willowood, $149,900

MMST Properties LLC to Evan Rizzi, 613 Northlawn, $158,000

F&F Capital Investments LLC to Anthony J. Maffei, 42 Crumlin, $81,630

M W Rosenberg ET AL to Robert Cregar, 3903 Belmont, $150,000


Michael S. Singleton and Danielle J. Singleton to Mike Eberhardt and Brittany Eberhardt, Ellsworth Road, $42,000


Mark S. Richmond and Stacey L. Richmond to Lisa Modarelli-Johnston, 1 Outlook Ave., $162,000

Huntington National Bank to Robert Nielsen and Marianne Nielsen, 5136 Center Road, $28,000

Lawrence E. Namie Jr. and Lerene Carol Namie to Philip Ornot Sr. and Colleen Ornot, 7625 Clingan Road, $172,500

James S. and Bonita S. Isabella to Simon William and Christine Elizabeth Nyako, 6004 Frontier Drive, $249,000

Rebecca J. Heikkinen, trustee to William Stanley and Paige A. Stanley, 7109 Youngstown Pittsburgh Road, $122,500

Noel M. Pinto to Dale A. Wilt Jr. and Lisa L. Wilt, 7039 James St., $170,500

David J. Wolfe and Lori A. Wolfe to Pasquale Daltorio and Kendal Daltorio, 8350 Misty Ridge Trail, $285,000

Paul A. Rogers to Matthew A. McElroy and Alicia A. McElroy, 3155 Chardonnay Lane, $300,000

Anthony Horvath and Krista Horvath to Rachel E. Logan and Christopher M. Poullas, 8314 Weathered Wood Trail, $201,250

David Weaver and Joyce Weaver to Patrick T. Ciccarone and Judy A. Testa, 7481 Lee Run Road, $155,000


Kelly L. Dixon to Tara Shay Elliott, 696 W. Maryland Ave., $95,000


Don A. Popa to Matthew Billiter, 638 S. Mahoning Ave., $35,000


James R. Galioto and Angela Galioto to Trevor T. Ramhoff, 168 Poland Ave., $84,000

Catherine A. Miller to Teri L. Cercone, 624 Brandon Ave., $65,500


Joseph J. Pisarcik II to Michael Varley, 1943 Ohltown Girard, $130,900

Michael P. Riynock to WH Land Company LLC, Kelley, $40,000

Jason V. Cameron to Dennis Lee Heeter Jr., 3925 Edwards, $225,000

Central City Plaza Inc to Durst Holdings LLC, W. Liberty, $55,005


Thomas E. Snyder and Anna M. Snyder to Meghan J. McClain, 418 Wilkinson Ave., $70,000

Jubilee Urban Renewal Corporation to Garmid L. Montes-Carreras, 1718 Lansdowne, $25,000

Habib Khoury to Goldhammer Investments LLC, 3522 Dover Road, $42,000

Nicholas E. Bilotto to Frederick P. Bulik IV and Melissa Bulik, 2820 Burbank Ave., $62,000

Youngstown Neighborhood Development Corporation to Kyle Lane McKinley, 3608 Risher Road, $60,000

William Carl Durflinger and Helen F. Durflinger to Hayley Tyhonas et al., 854 E. Avondale Ave., $30,000

Marianne G. Kocak to Christopher J. Ahluquist, 3540 Champlaine Ave., $35,000

RR Company of America LLC to ARG PSYNSOH001 LLC, 444 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., $4,684,755

EROS 74 Investments LLC to IMMARC Inc., 539 E. Boston Ave., $38,500

Jubilee Urban Renewal Corporation to Joseph Montaz, 1701 Forest View Drive, $25,000

Robert and Pamala Depweg to Ambrose Agho, 2261 Cordova Ave., $61,000

Victoria Miranda to Michael Miranda, 1931 Meadowbrook Ave., $61,000

Guy L. Schooley to Debbie J. Mounsey and John L. Mounsey, 2433 Sierra Drive, $95,000

Parker 3420 LLC to Nyame Dua Enterprises, 3420 Market St., $108,000

Property transfers

Property transfers recorded in Mahoning County May 27-May 29:


James Sympson and Barbara L. Sympson to Victoria A. Morgan and Ian MacDougall, 4144 Claridge Drive, $162,500

Alejandro A. Rangel to Thomas G. Silver, 1276 Cedarwood Drive, $150,000

Paul L. Cichocki to Melody Wright, 507 Wilcox Road, $120,000

Aleia C. Jeffers to Brian Remias, 1093 Polley Drive, $130,150

Christopher Roman, PSO to Carrington Mortgage Services LLC, 5328 Baker St. , $64,600

Guy M. Harrison and Lindsay Harrison to Yatasha K. Hill and Allen Hill Sr., 1870 Woodland Trace St. , $129,000

Gina Renee Fenstemacher to Tanisha Franklin, 5561 Madrid Drive, $119,000

Constance M. Martin, trustee to William and Robin Mansourzadeh, 3711 Allendale Ave., $45,000


Linda Saulino to Michele Sorice and Sabato Sorice, 1350 Huntington Court, $30,000

Walnut Trace Development Co. to Donald F. and Jolene Rodenbaugh, 7881 Walnut St., $315,000

Michael J. Hardie and Colleen M. Hardie to Jerri Lynn Balluck, 137 Shadyside Drive, $52,000

George Passas and Renee Knepper, trustees to Johnna Tabus, 5660 Sharon Drive, $190,000

The Helen S. Van Nest Trust to Michael Colaneri, 236 Brainard Drive, $128,000

Kelly M. Vidman to Douglas J. Starr, 1722 Lealand Ave., $88,000

Thomas M. Zetts Jr. and Brittany L. Zetts to Kristen R. Thompson, 854 Stuart Ave., $234,900

NSRE Corp. to Santos Vazquez and Sonia Vazquez, 8 Montrose Circle, $157,000

Samuel J. Buzzacoo to Ryan C. Racketa, 146 Centervale Ave., $79,900

Robert A. Pavalko II and David M. Nickell to Alaina M. Holmes, 7362 Eisenhower Drive, $69,000

Gina M. Pannozzo to Kenneht Paul Brown Jr. and Molly F. Brown, 130 Creston Drive, $158,800

NextGen Real Estate Investors, LLC to Tiffany Medical Center, LLC, 7067 Tiffany Blvd., $2,875,000

Ryan T. Craig to Joshua D. Petrusko, 8534 Ivy Hill Drive, $418,000

Gold Hammer Investments LLC to Tyler R. Pagley and Elizabeth Roux, 777 Wildwood Drive, $139,900

Canfield Township

Shannon M. Duraney to Virginia C. Stellato, 3761 Indian Run Drive #2, $77,500

Craig Beach

Shawn D. Patterson to Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., 17412 Lakewood Ave., $62,667


Florence M. Beckert to Maureen K. Zimmerman and Dalbert E. Zimmerman, 242 Village Court, $163,000.


Flora A. Porter to Clayton J. Cooper, 1928 Country Club Ave., $59,000

Robert E. Bush Jr. to Tyrone Johnson, 745 Browning Ave., $25,000

Kathleen P. Keevey, trustee to Benita Jo Molocea, 3013 S. Schenley Ave., $89,900

Henry Lloyd Enterprises LTD to William Floyd Jr. and Bonnie Floyd, 3203 Hermosa Drive, $135,000


Beverly A. Berger by PSO to Michael S. Mannypenny, 8860 W. South Range Road, $109,900

Gloria C. Williams to Ryan A. Marshall and Nicole M. Marshall, 7378 W. Garfield Road, $335,000


William A. and Vicki L. Moore, trustees to Armand J. DePaul and Nichole E. Copenhaver, S. Lipkey Road, $32,440


Henry E. Paul to Grandview Lake Holding LLC, 799 Grandview Road, $300,000


Lester T. Crittenden III, executor to Joseph V. Accurso and Kelli Accusro, 2307 Bel Aire Lane, $67,500

Paolo Ricotilli to Susan M. Tisone, 3241 Apache Lane, $135,000

Judith A. Castronova to Suzanne Bertison, 8 Michigan Ave., $135,000


Rene A. Dornack to David P. Monteleone and Paula J. Monteleone, Martin Road, $95,000


Gerald L. DeJane and Melinda J. Caban to David Brumert and Bridgette L. Brumbert, 9151 Springfield Road, $187,000


Gurinder Singh Bhogal to Gifty Ackon Amoaoka, 414 & 418 Fifth St., $39,900


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