Seeing through the lies and charades


I’m sickened by the multitude of lies from the Mill Creek Park committee. I stood right in front of Nick Derrico, when speaking of public safety. I told him if you have men with guns running around backyards, bullets flying everywhere and arrows, someone is going to be killed. Nick responded, “Oh well, accidents happen.” He ended our discussion with a snarly smirk on his face.

As far as speaking at a meeting, and I have been to enough of them to witness that the committee doesn’t respond nor answer one question. We are lucky if we get Mr. (Aaron) Young to look at anyone. So many times I have had to say, “Mr. Young, may I have your attention please, please look at me.” They never answered “any” questions asked of them, were highly arrogant and disrespectful. Do you know what it feels like to come to a public meeting only to have them excuse themselves to have their own private meeting, while we all sit and wait. That happened about three of four times.

In my opinion, this is not a director and board, this is a boys club with their own agenda, certainly not our park. The sooner their bad behavior is acknowledged, the sooner there will be a possibility of saving our Mill Creek Park. They have and are making our public park, their business … pay for walking trails that used to be free, pay for everything. Oh, like Frey said, “Our golf course brings in good money.” He also did say we keep Young because he brings in money.

Basically, they are not directing or caring about our park and wildlife — their only care is directing the golf course. It’s a huge money maker for their personal goals.

I pray Judge Campbell can see through their charade — we have been living with it.

Thank you.




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