Plans were to destroy the greatest economy


In 2019, we had the greatest economy; people were working, being free, buying homes, buying cars and going on trips. Then 2020 started and the attack on President Trump including January and February impeachment. They couldn’t get him.

Then, they had COVID-19 to attack us, using this biggest lie of all time to shut us down. I believe everything about it was made-up, fake science. We were never forced to give up our freedom before. This was a big hoax.

It was so easy to deceive our country, to attack us with masks, to force us to stop going out to eat, to the gym, to movies and to games or to be with our loved ones when they got sick. And our grandkids couldn’t see us.

Why would these people lie to us? It was to destroy our freedom and love for country.

COVID-19 died out in May 2020. Next were the riots, May 25, 2020, destroying businesses and cars, and the attack on cops to get rid of the protections for us. In November came all the fake ballots with one name on them: Joe Biden. Then, Jan. 6, 2021, was the biggest attack on Trump and his voters: the open doors at the Capitol to entrap these voters. The mayor of Washington, D.C., made the cops and National Guard stand down, then kidnapped voters at the rally. I believe they lied about all these people. Then in 2021, the mandate to attack 4 million workers of our country.

I believe everything that happened was planned to destroy the greatest economy.


New Middletown


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