Limbaugh was true American patriot


Rush Limbaugh died Feb. 17 from lung cancer — a true American patriot and conservative radio trailblazer.

I’ve seen many of his film clips. One of the best was when he received the president’s Medal of Freedom. For once, he was lost for words. It was nice to see the GOP stand and applaud this great man. The Democrats sat with their arms crossed. On the platform, President Trump and Vice President Pence faced Rush and applauded. Behind them sat Nancy Pelosi. She would not look at Rush but just kept fingering Trump’s speech that she later tore up.

Many on the left, such as Joy Behar of “The View,” almost cheered when they heard Rush had died. How cruel and mean they are. Pelosi hates President Trump more than anyone in the Washington, D.C., swamp. She tried for two impeachments even though she knew they wouldn’t pass the Senate. This was done just for her hatred.

A reporter asked her why she hated President Trump and she snarled, “I am a good Catholic and don’t hate anyone.”

There won’t be a replacement for Rush. He will be sadly missed by his millions of listeners.




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