Joe Biden unfit to serve as president


Joe Biden is not fit to be president. Forget his rather obvious mental deterioration. For 44 years in the Senate and as vice president, Biden could have done what he claims to want to do now. Let’s look at just a few of Biden’s proposals from his website.

Biden’s proposals, in particular his Modern Sustainable Infrastructure and Clean Energy Future, would be an environmental and economic disaster for the country.

Biden says we should have a carbon pollution-free (really carbon dioxide) electrical generation system by 2035. About 17 percent of our electrical power is produced by a combination of carbon-free hydropower, wind and solar, with hydro being 7 percent of electrical production. Therefore, we will need to replace 83 percent of our electrical generation in 15 years.

Dam building, not frequently done in the U.S., won’t be implemented to replace that 83 percent. That leaves wind and solar, both intermittent sources. Each use tremendous amounts of land because they are not energy dense. As proven in Germany, Ontario, Australia, California and England, they drive up electricity prices when built.

Busy society demands means existing generating capacity cannot be shut down from periodic wind and solar energy, which are redundant.

Somehow, a mystery remains in how unnecessary expenses and unreliable electricity will create jobs.

We should remember the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, which cost about $840 billion according to the CBO. Spearheaded by Biden, it was intended to fund shovel-ready projects that weren’t so shovel-ready.

Biden has a coronavirus response program, too, which includes eliminating cost barriers to preventive care. Preventive care is masks, distance and hand washing. I missed the cost barriers in that.

He wants to develop a vaccine. I believe a dozen or so are being developed now, with some in testing.

Biden wants free COVID-19 testing, which is already free through The Families First CoronaVirus Response Act. About 1 million tests are conducted daily with about 95 percent negative.

Biden claims his experience with Ebola demonstrates his pandemic competence. Ebola killed 11,325 people in Africa, where it was confined. Eleven people were treated for Ebola in the U.S. Seven of those treated contracted the virus in Africa and brought it here. For others caught the virus from the seven. I’m sure Joe helped a lot.

I could go on. The bottom line is, Joe Biden is not fit for purpose.




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