President’s track record is lacking


An Aug. 24 letter from a reader critiquing syndicated columnist George Will revealed more about President Trump’s apologists than any error by Mr. Will.

In his letter, the writer used “accomplishment” in one or another forms to praise Trump at least three times in as many paragraphs. He never listed what any of those accomplishments are. They are not the executive orders Trump relishes signing and holding up for the cameras. Those are just public suggestions to his cabinet and Senate lackeys, not laws.

The writer attacked Will as a self-proclaiming intellectual. In fact, Will has been recognized by professional journalism awards, critics, politicians and the general public as among America’s finest journalists. Has the writer heard anyone but Trump proclaim Trump as a very stable genius, smarter than doctors and scientists, the greatest president since Lincoln, the least racist person ever and the only one able to fix the nation’s problems? Not even Trump is brazen enough to pronounce himself an intellectual.

Infamy may be an intellectual term, but FDR used it effectively to describe the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. It describes Trump’s accomplishments, too. To name just a few: supporting racist birther blather; the largest deficit ever; the destruction of health care; tax cuts for billionaires; worse unemployment than the Great Depression; deregulation of polluting and price-gouging industries; betrayal of allies; theft from his own charity; redirecting funds appropriated for schools; disabling the Post Office; Russian bounties on the heads of our troops; and more than 160,000 dead fellow citizens, at least 40,000 of whom might have been saved by effective leadership.

Trump’s is the track record of a chronic liar, not the accomplishments of effective leadership. I can’t wait to vote against him as well as his GOP enablers in my gerrymandered district.




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