Great wave of people will vote for Biden


I was listening to a conversation describing Democrats as unenthusiastic in their support for Joe Biden compared to the energy and fervor among Republicans to re-elect Donald Trump.

This belief is completely false. Here is the truth: the disgust Democrats hold for Trump is quietly seething underneath waiting with great restraint until they can cast their precious ballots to defeat Trump in November.

The reason for this restraint is fear. Trump’s minions reflect him. They are bullies who threaten with big mouths and assault weapons. They wear T-shirts with Trump’s name and assault weapons as a backdrop.

Yard signs disappear in the night.

Our precious voting rights are attacked. We already hear the threats of “election fraud” if Trump doesn’t win.

There is a great wave of Americans, both quiet Democrats and quiet Republicans, waiting until they can vote for national stability, not the four years of chaos we’ve have had to endure.




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