Public reminded to call before digging

Dominion Energy Ohio is reminding customers and the public that according to Ohio law, property owners are required to call 811 to have underground utilities marked two days prior to any digging project.

Ohio811, the state’s one-call operator, which is formerly known as the Public Utilities Protection Service. It acts as a communications link between Dominion Energy Ohio and other member utilities, individuals and companies planning any digging activity.

“Calling before digging helps ensure safety and prevents accidental dig-ins and potential injuries, property damage and utility service disruptions,” said Jim Eck, vice president and general manager of Ohio and West Virginia Distribution.

Individuals and excavators must call Ohio811 by simply dialing 8-1-1, either two business days or 10 working days prior any digging project.

Hand-digging is required within 18 inches of any line marking. Natural gas lines are usually installed about 36 inches deep, although it can vary.

Installing a mailbox, fence, building a deck or planting a tree are all examples of digging projects requiring a call to 811 prior to the start.

The service is free of charge. Professionals are sent to the digging location and mark locations of underground lines and facilities with flags, spray paint or both.

More information can be found at ohio811.org.


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