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Say it ain’t so, dietary scientists

Opinion: By Tom Purcell Cagle Cartoons Say it ain’t so: Alcohol in moderation is bad for us again!

Boccieri, Rulli locked in intense battle for 33rd Ohio Senate seat

Opinion: Democrat John Boccieri and Republican Michael Rulli are likely in the most hotly contested local

Residents should support mental health, other levies

Editorial: One of the hallmark func- tions of taxpayer-supported government at all levels has long been tending

Unsparing look at Vietnam War’s political and military mendacities

Opinion: WASHINGTON Early in his Marine Corps career, which he concluded as a four-star general, Walt

Race for commissioner in Mahoning Cty. a paradox

Editorial: By any objective measure, Mahoning County Commissioner Carol Rimedio-Righetti has done a commendable

Be brave enough to fail

Opinion: By Norah Vawter OtherWords As the 2018 midterms approach, we’re living in a moment when

It’s not the slur, it’s the stupidity

Opinion: By Gene Lyons Andrews McMeel For somebody like me, the Major League Baseball playoffs serve as a

No one should be poor in US

Opinion: By Josh Hoxie OtherWords The federal minimum wage hasn’t gone up in nearly 10 years. Yet with a

Holmes and O’Brien merit re-election to Ohio House

Editorial: The Mahoning Valley has long been blessed with a strong, cohesive and hard-working set of

Thank you, Sen. Susan Collins

Opinion: In a speech announcing her vote to confirm Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, Sen. Susan

GOP’s strategy: Attack

Opinion: By Anny Martinez OtherWords Shortly before he became a Supreme Court justice, Brett Kavanaugh

Experience, expertise, energy make Fuda the clear choice for Trumbull commissioner

Editorial: Over the years, The VindicatorSFlb has lightheartedly compared the high-powered but no-nonsense

When Donny met Kim

Opinion: By Blair Bess Cagle Cartoons The president’s bad breakup with Canadian Prime Minister Justin

Republicans must stop Democrats from pulling another Kavanaugh

Opinion: By Ann Coulter Andrews McMeel Syndication It’s time to update the GOP’s Marquess of Queensbury

Next CEO of Y’town schools must not give in to pressure

Editorial: If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a dozen times: The state of Ohio did not want to take over the