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Trump has no intention of doing anything major on immigration

Opinion: By Ann Coulter Andrews McMeel Syndication It is now clear that President Donald Trump isn’t

Banning pot is harmful

Opinion: By Jill Richardson OtherWords Usually I don’t look to sitcoms for wisdom, but the new season of

Embrace Tobacco 21 as a tool to cut smoking rates

Editorial: Let’s be blunt: Smoking kills. In fact, smoking and other forms of tobacco use snuff out more lives

Did GM nix huge deal for Cruzes?

Opinion: A highly respected businessman from Cleveland who owns a string of dealerships that sells vehicles

‘Ugly American’ alive, well

Opinion: ‘Ugly American’ alive, well During a network national news segment which usually airs at 6:30 pm,

Irish stereotypes are not a joke

Opinion: By Tom Purcell Cagle Cartoons Ah, St. Patrick’s Day is upon us – which means it’s time for

KRISH MOHIP | Youngstown Plan is meeting students’ needs

Opinion: By partnering with several agencies and organizations, we at the Youngstown City School District

Chasing the green ghost

Opinion: Happy St. Patrick’s Day 2019. A year ago on this great day, I was able to write about perhaps

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General Assembly must be realistic about gas tax

Editorial: Gov. Mike DeWine is facing a revolt from members of his Republican Party in the Ohio General

Revisit Ike’s socialist ideas

Opinion: By Chuck Collins OtherWords Anytime a politician proposes a wildly popular idea that helps

It’s time campaign finance reports were posted online for easy access

Opinion: By Frank LaRose The Vindicator COLUMBUS You deserve to know who is funding campaigns aimed to

Horror replaces hope in Christchurch shootings

Editorial: The Press, Christchurch, N.Z.: It was a day of unimaginably dramatic contrasts in central

Women, stop saying ‘sorry’

Opinion: By Tracey L. ROGERS OtherWords I was getting on a bus with grocery bags in hand, apologizing

Governor taking a wait-and-see stance on the ‘Youngstown Plan’

Opinion: With several school districts facing a possible state takeover in the next two years, House Bill 70,

Punish harshly the thugs in college-admission scam

Editorial: Until this week, Yale Uni- versity shined most brightly as the alma mater of five presidents and 62