All-conference, other honors



Division II

Third Team

Natalie Pallone Girard Sr

Honorable Mention

¯ Canfield: Alexis Mettille, Sr.

Division II

Second Team

Brenna Auer Crestview Sr


¯ Player of the Year: Grace Mangapora, Canfield

First Team

Abbie Householder Canfield So

Grace Mangapora Canfield Sr

Alexis Mettille Canfield Sr

Ella Sahli Fitch So

Chloe Schultz Howland Jr

Katie Stamp Boardman Jr

Chelsie Wheeler Fitch Jr

Second Team

Emma Bartlett Fitch Jr

Alyssa Leskovac Fitch So

Kennedy Page Boardman Sr

Mia Pantalone Howland Jr

Diamond Phillips Harding Jr

Kathryn Summerfield Howland Sr

Riley Wilkins Canfield Sr


¯ Players of the Year: Brenna Auer, Crestview Tiana Drake, LaBrae

First Team

Brenna Auer Crestview Sr

Savannah Dodrill Champion Sr

Tiana Drake LaBrae Sr

Breeana Hutson Newton Falls Sr

Amelia Montgomery Crestview Sr

Tess Neville Crestview Sr

Allison Sembach NewtonFalls Sr

Second team

Elizabeth Barreca Newton Falls Sr

Molly Emch Crestview Jr

Kaylee Gania Champion Jr

Allyson Jones Liberty So

Anna Reichart Brookfield So

Atlanta Spahlinger Newton Falls Jr

Ahmari Weaver Campbell Jr

Boys golf


Division I

First Team

*Alex Anderson Lake Sr

*Aaron Apticar Hoban Sr

Antonio Bodziony Willoughby So. Sr

*Ben Cors Walsh Jesuit Jr

Noah Haynes Hoban Fr

Cooper Hrabak Highland Sr

Brendon Jotich GlenOak Sr

Andrew Kaye St. Ignatius Sr

Michael Lee Strongsville Jr

*Maxwell Moldovan Green Sr

Blake Shienkank Medina Sr

*Solomon Petrie Hoban So

Coop Pomer Hudson So

Topher Reed St. Ignatius So

Andrew Wyss Mass. Jackson Sr


Division II

First Team

Aditya Achar NDCL Sr

Zander Gibson NDCL Jr

Dylan Ledford Waynedale Sr

Kyle Mahaffey Elyria Catholic Sr

Danny Milo NDCL Sr

Caden Scarbrough CVCA Jr

Thad Weaver Waynedale Sr

Division III

First Team

*Tyler Anderson Columbiana Jr

*Justin Atkinson Brookfield Sr

Charlie Belden Canton CC Jr

*Kyle Freudeman Canton CC Jr

Corey Gasaway Mogadore Jr

Ben Lawsinger Mogadore Sr

Will Palmison Wellington Jr

Michael Porter McDonald So

Jake Shingledecker Brookfield Sr

*Conner Stevens Brookfield Sr


Second Team

Max Congeni CantonCC Sr

Caleb Domitrovich McDonald Fr

Ethan Domitrovich McDonald Sr

James Martuccio Kennedy Sr

Dillon Pendergast Mogadore Fr

Jacob Stephens Aquinas Sr

Sean Whitehead Columbiana Sr



¯ Players of the Year: Ty Artis, Warren G. Harding; Nick Crawford, Canfield

First Team Offense

Ty Artis Harding WR

Dylan Belenton Howland OL

Jervale Brown Harding OL

Nick Crawford Canfield RB

Will Hines Howland RB

Connor Miller Boardman TE/Ath

Michael Minehor Canfield OL

Kyle Moore Fitch OL

Devin Sherwood Fitch QB

Payton Short Fitch OL

Todd Simons Fitch WR

Terrence Thomas Boardman WR

First Team Defense

Christian Armstrong Fitch DL

Jordan Blantley Harding DB

Anthony D’Aleso Canfield DL

Ja’Wahn Dean Howland DB

Garrett Deemer Howland LB

Jabari Felton Harding DL

Ethan Fletcher Canfield DB

Richie Hofus Canfield DL

Nate Leskovac Fitch LB

Joe Perez Fitch DL

Emarion Perkins Harding LB

Tyler Peterson Boardman DB

Chris Sammarone Canfield LB

Special Teams

Tommy Fryda Boardman

Noah Murray Harding

Honorable Mention

¯ Austintown Fitch – Shawn Mayes, Jameire Robinson; Boardman – David Merdich, Sean O’Horo; Warren G. Harding – Chester Adams, Elijah Taylor; Howland – Brayden Gibson, Matt Woomer; Canfield – Conor Hritz, Luke Morell.


¯ Player of the Year: Haden Gibson, Brookfield

First Team Offense

Wyatt Babik Crestview OL

Tyler Briggs Brookfield RB

Christ Brooks Champion OL

Devin Carter LaBrae RB

Zion Flanigan LaBrae OL

Haden Gibson Brookfield QB

Dakota King Brookfield WR

Ethan McWilliams Brookfield OL

Kayvon Moore Campbell WR

Adam Rusnak Campbell OL

Christian Stores Campbell TE/Ath

First Team Defense

Roclen Bettura Crestview LB

Matt Burns Brookfield LB

Max Cope LaBrae LB

Gage Emery Brookfield DB

Conner Filipovich Brookfield DL

Simi Moananu Liberty DL

Jacob Pawcio Champion DL

Devon Rushton Campbell DL

James Shaffer Campbell DB

Bralen Stredrick Liberty DB

Jacob Wright Newton Falls DB

Special Teams

Micah Dukes Liberty

Brandon Yanssens Crestview

Second Team Offense

Malachi Bannarn Campbell WR

Lucas Beckstine Brookfield OL

Carter Coman Liberty OL

Anthony Cusick Crestview QB

Levi Grimes Champion OL

William Hardenbrook Crestview TE/Ath

Anthony Harris LaBrae OL

Adam Honeycutt Newton Falls WR

Ethan Powell Crestview RB

Kyle Saunders Crestview OL

Austin Willforth Champion RB

Second Team Defense

Jarid Armeni Campbell LB

Austin Booth Champion LB

Jordan Brewster LaBrae DL

Micah Dukes Liberty DL

Ryan Logan Brookfield DB

Nate Ostas LaBrae DB

Jon’tae Pabellon Campbell DL

Pat Reardon Brookfield LB

Zack Scher Champion DL

Jalen Stredrick Liberty DB

Noah Vesey Champion DB

Editor’s note: All-conference lists are compiled in order of when they were submitted and will be published on subsequent Sundays as space permits.


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