We are responsible for our actions; justice served to Trump, Biden


Both Donald Trump and Hunter Biden have been convicted of felonies by juries of their peers, but the responses are entirely different. Donald Trump has railed against the 34 count guilty verdicts and blames everyone but himself for his illegal actions. Trump also states if reelected he will pardon every person who was convicted of a Jan. 6 crime and he would certainly pardon himself also. During Trump’s trial, his cult from the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives showed up to show support with more lies and every day since the trial Trump has continued to lie.

Hunter Biden was obviously disappointed in the verdict, but his reaction and statement were entirely different. He didn’t blame anyone else for his actions. Also, his father, President Joseph Biden, has said he will not pardon him and we know he loves his son. His family showed love and support during the trial by being there and didn’t make any statements.

No one is above the law and we all have to be responsible for our actions. Justice was served.

Royal C. Stargell



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