Too many questions, not enough answers about area debacles


Where did the Vienna Township dollars go? Will the “loss source” be found and corrected so speed camera income would no longer be necessary?

Why did Girard approve “1% stipend of all district revenue,” and then permitted a public employee to be hugely overpaid?

Why do cities / townships approve “full-time employee retire / rehire” contracts, instead of hiring younger replacements at lower taxpayer costs?

Why is the Trumbull County Water and Sewer bill issued monthly, instead of quarterly, with the bill based on actual (not approximate) meter readings?

Why not have government public employee “paid time off” limits similar to those in the corporate and private business sectors that do not accumulate and carry over from year to year?

Why can’t we have actual cost reductions instead of governments’ sly methods of claiming “reductions in the rate of increase” as cost reductions?

Must greed always prevail?

Just wondering!




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