Someone pulling the strings to determine who will be elected


Remember the “Wizard” behind the curtain? All while behind the curtain, with an ominous projection of threat, intimidation and power, he secured servanthood. His subjects were fearful of his wrath if they betrayed or rebelled against him.

In case you missed it during the recent underwhelming June 11 election, there was a closed meeting that took place in Columbiana County on Thursday, June 13. The meeting was regarding an Ohio senate seat that is now an unexpired term vacated seat. Representatives from Mahoning, Carroll and Columbiana counties were present, forming a six-person vote for a single person to be submitted to the state senate as an appointee for the seat vacated by the barely winner, Mike Rulli.

The vote went to the Mahoning County desired candidate, Al Cutrona, whose name is now submitted and will be appointed. This vote, however, did not go without the all too familiar smoke-filled rooms, chess game, leapfrog, political promises, notably leaving several disappointed today, backscratchers and now openly announced political threats! The Mahoning County Republican chairman called it “Political terrorism!”

A question screams to be answered! Who is the one behind the curtain pulling the levers and ropes? As we drew near to the day of the vote there was a generated text received by many bringing attention to Al Cutrona’s campaign finance expenditure. There was one specifically cited in the text. Reportedly, the Carroll County representative received a few strategic calls applying pressure on the vote toward a particular candidate. Additionally, a threat was made that if the yet-pending vote was not made in favor of this person, whose name was pushed forward by another county, the Carroll County Republican Party may very well face a mutiny.

Exactly, who was the brainstorming person in this political wrap-up smear hit and disgusting pressure calls? The one behind the curtain seeks to remain undisclosed. The projection of intimidating power suppresses the inquiry. Surrogates conduct the deeds of venomous evil keeping the one behind the curtain informed with their ears to the tracks, yet keeping the curtain closed. Where is Toto when you need him?

I challenge registered Republican voters, but also all voters. You must know who you are voting for! Stop being led by those in smoke-filled rooms! Stop yielding to the “Wizard” behind the curtain the determination of your future and your children’s future!


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