Public libraries should serve public


To state Rep. Al Cutrona I say, “Prove it.”

In the front page June 5 article he claims, “The amount of calls I’ve received … concerned with materials at eye level that are accessible to young people is great.”

Prove it. I don’t need to know names. Just produce your phone logs that prove “the amount of calls.”

By his line of reasoning, books on issues of concern for the LGBTQIA+ community that I serve could be subject to his regression because someone might find them obscene. Or books on climate issues found undesirable by the American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers. He might also become enlightened to know that people in wheelchairs also use the library. The age of the eye level is potentially different, isn’t it?

While I have my suspicions about his real intention of even introducing such legislation, let’s stick to a fact: Parents can say, “No. You are not checking out that book.”

Until we are gerrymandered into a theocracy, let’s keep our public libraries free to operate in a manner that serves all the public.


Pastor, First Federated Church

North Jackson


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