Park board needs to answer to the public


More than 50 years ago, I walked with my mother and father in the beautiful Mill Creek Park. It was a treasure to me and others. Our group, Save the Mill Creek Park Deer, is fighting for its life now — its deer and its complete structure.

State Rep. Lauren McNally has proposed a brilliant idea to stop this political misbehaving and walking on the taxpayers. The Mill Creek Park Board totally ignored our pleas, with the ignorance and arrogance that only they have. Elderly people hurried and told their stories of their backyards and how they enjoy their deer, after working for years.

Their proof, from an infrared camera, was bogus and to the blatant point of never presenting one piece of proof to our attorney. The survey was not a good one at all, it wouldn’t get my vote!

They have turned this slaughter of innocents into a political buyout! If anyone has been following this closely, you can truly see the picture on the wall.

Going out there with our petitions, we are with our taxpayers. People have been misled, lied to and don’t even know about this pathetic situation. The board counts on this.

That is why we need state Rep. McNally’s bill. Mr. Aaron Young is destroying our park, obliterating all friendly deer, squirrels, otters, 60-year-old koi and all little animals in our Mill Creek Park sanctuary.

We need this board to answer to all of us. It is pertinent for this charade to stop and stop now.

Transparency is what we all want, they do not. There is too much they are hiding.

Please don’t insult my intelligence with how they wanted to hear us at their metro meetings. Mr. Young was staring at his little laptop while people came to pour their hearts out to him.

Finally, I suggest stop patronizing evil and be proud of our Mahoning Valley and its treasure that is corroding at the hands of the Mill Creek Park Board.

It is in our utmost best interest and benefit to allow state Rep. Lauren McNally to proceed with her brilliance. The board would then not be able to hide their transactions and lies anymore.




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