Pants on fire: GOP Senate candidate Moreno bad for Ohio


On the campaign trail, Bernie Moreno has been caught in lie after lie that makes it crystal clear he is only out for himself, not Ohioans.

Moreno lies about selling the Chinese-made Buick Envision. But the truth is, as a car salesman, Moreno sold the Buick Envision, a car that was always made in China and not the United States. While the Lordstown plant was shutting down here in the Valley, Bernie was lining his own pockets, selling a car made in China.

Moreno has shown a pattern of lying on the campaign trail, whether it’s lying about escaping socialism, shutting down Cleveland State’s Confucius Institute, building his car dealership business all on his own, or his phony “rags-to-riches” story that he grew up “lower middle class” and “came here with absolutely nothing.”

The truth is Bernie “Pants-On-Fire” Moreno has lied over and over in a calculated attempt to reinvent himself to fool us into giving him our vote.

Moreno doesn’t respect Ohioans enough to tell us the truth. He’d rather pander to us by lying to our faces. He will say whatever he thinks he needs to say to win, with no regard for the truth.

By lying to us time and time again, Moreno has made it clear he is wrong for Ohioans and can’t be trusted to represent us.

Linda Taylor



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