While Trump sits in court, Biden governs


A man who spent four years as leader of the free world has now occupied the defendant’s chair in a New York courtroom. Donald Trump’s tribulations include both civil cases and four criminal indictments. He complains that the trials are keeping him from campaigning, but his delaying tactics pushed the trials into this election season.

Biden had nothing to do with Trump’s indictments. The judicial system has not been weaponized. Donald Trump was indicted based on the vote of a grand jury composed of citizens. The trials are not jokes. But some of our legislators have gone to the courthouse, which scorns those grand jury citizens. The judge restricted Trump from speaking out about jurors, witnesses, staff or others involved in the case. Legislators skip their duties to see Trump in court. They speak out when he cannot, veritably violating the gag order.

On Mother’s Day, there were at least seven MAGA Republicans interviewed on the talk shows. When asked, each one said he or she would accept the results of the 2024 election if it was free and fair. So, if they win, it is free and fair; if someone else wins, it isn’t. Really?

Candidates must have proof to challenge election results. And consider this — every official elected to office in November 2020 should either accept the results of that election, or they should resign and go home. If Biden lost, they all lost.

It’s time for the Republican Party to divide into two parties. One will be the MAGA Republicans and they can retain that party name. The remaining former Republicans, who still support democratic ideals, can organize themselves into the Lincoln Party, the natural next step after the Lincoln Project. All three parties must agree to support the Constitution. Maybe that will minimize our divisiveness. It’s time to move on.

By stark contrast, consider the constant, focused efforts of President Biden. He knows that his old age puts off many people who voted for him in 2020, but the brains he’s got left over are better than what other people started with. In his first term, he passed four major bills: the American Rescue Plan; then the infrastructure bill — from bridges to broadband; the Chips Act; and last but not least the Inflation Reduction Act, including the biggest commitment to climate change ever. We drill more oil than anyone else on Earth. The Dow hit 40,000.

Grocery prices are up from 2020 because salaries increased after COVID-19, and the years are passing. Let’s wait, the prime rate will drop. Our economy is number one with a GDP of $25.5 trillion; China is second with $17.9 trillion.

I want Joe Biden to finish the job.




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