Reasoning in 6th District race is wrong


The 6th Congressional election is critical, but not for the political reasoning put forth in the lame letter from Ohio Republican Party Chairman Alex Triantafilou to the Tribune Chronicle’s editor last Saturday. Putting Rulli and Moreno into their respective U.S. congressional and Senate seats “…alongside 45’s MAGA” crew already in D.C., including Jimmy Jordan, leaves little hope for optimism either in Ohio or on “The Hill” in Washington.

Oh, yes, what about Triantafilou’s predecessor, Matt Borgas, who along with Republican sidekicks Householder, Randazzo, Jones, Dowling and unknown others yet to be indicted, wanted to get into the business of political bribery? And so much for ethical rules that have yet to be changed in our state legislature to prohibit such subterfuge.

So let’s look at what Rulli has done to date in Ohio. Well, like his mentor and current president pro-tem of YSU, Bill Johnson, very little except collect paychecks and pad retirement benefits. Is this what the current Republican party chairman advocates when he speaks of “implementing an American First agenda that will finally get our country back on track.” More insider corruption, is that the agenda come November? Just look at the wholesale grifting that has gone on in Ohio & DC with Republicans driving their respective agendas.

Countrywide state legislatures, packed with self-serving Republicans have little focus on the average citizen. It’s all about padding their own pockets with money and maintaining control and power. Bottom line: it’s more of the same-old-same subterfuge to mask political patronage. State and federal Republican legislatures should be renamed brothels.

Terry Crogan



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