GOP leaders lying, taking away rights


I have to respond to the letter from the Ohio Republican party chairman in your May 4-5 publication. At least he’s consistent with his lying leader Adolf Trump. Both continue to lie to the people. You can’t expect us voters to support you by constantly lying to us by distorting the facts! Facts and the truth matter.

You talk about inflation crushing us. That’s nonsense. Inflation in the world comes and goes just like the bad weather in Ohio. You deal with it because no human can do anything about it and we will survive it. Does anyone remember when gas was 35 cents a gallon and then it went to a dollar a gallon? Despite the naysayers who predicted the end of life as we knew it — we survived.

This party chairman is asking me to vote for and support someone who is supporting the overthrow of our government. The Republican party is out to take our rights away starting with ignoring the Constitution when they lose and agreeing with it when they win.

The women in this district, as well as the whole country, should be terrified at the prospect of the Republican party gaining control of Congress and the White House. They have made it very clear that if they gain control of Congress and the presidency then you will see a nationwide abortion ban. That means government will tell you what you can and can’t do with your reproductive rights. Do you really want that to happen?

One final thing — Jan. 6. It has been said by Trump that if he wins in November, he will pardon those criminals who are in jail for their actions of Jan. 6 at our capital in Washington D.C. That prospect infuriates me to no end! I refuse to vote for or support any candidate who advocates letting these criminals out of jail early.

I have to end by saying I plan to vote for all of the Democrats because they have demonstrated that their party will protect our democracy. The Republican party has made it very clear that their goal is to change our system of governing to a dictatorship. This should scare all of us.

Bill Houk



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