We still get to vote for whom we like, right?


Democracy is a system of government in which state power is vested in the people or general population of the state. According to Democrats, Trump will destroy democracy. Democracy belongs to democrats. Trump wants to return democracy to the people. State power is used by the Biden regime to destroy people who have different ideas, like the 75 million who voted for Trump.

Biden issued 94 executive orders that eliminated our energy independence. Gas went from $1.99 a gallon to $3.99 almost overnight. EPA is making it impossible to drill for oil. Biden is pushing the country to electric. No more gasoline or natural gas. Cars and trucks will operate on batteries produced with Chinese components.

The Supreme Court ruled Biden does not have the authority to vacate student debt. He did it anyway and brags about defying the court. To date, he has forgiven $146 billion in debt and plans to vacate 30 million more loans. All using tax dollars from the people who never had student debt. We paid for our kids’ educations. How much do we get?

All of Trump’s investigations including Russiagate originated in the White House. Latia James used a law never used before and Judge Ergonon said Trump was guilty before the trial started. The prosecution called bankers and insurance companies and they all testified that Trump did nothing wrong, they all got their money and then some. Exaggerating wealth is common in New York. Trump was ordered to pay an obscene $464 million. Respected legal scholar Jonathan Turley said that was like finding a man guilty of murder even though there was no murder. Trump was charged with felonies for having documents. Biden was not charged for the same thing because he was a “forgetful old man.” Even though an ex-president can have the documents, a vice president cannot. All of the persecutions are to destroy Trump financially.

Biden opens the border and 12-20 million future Democrats flood into the country. When confronted by media the regime blames Trump. Are the thousands of military-age Chinese males coming into the country every day to escape poverty? It costs $10,000 to fly from Beijing to Mexico. The people who left violent countries like Venezuela bring with them the skills they learned at home. Murder and crime.

Trump says some very stupid things, but don’t we get the option to choose and vote for who we like?

This is still a democracy, isn’t it?




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