Conservatives cannot change government


What if Donald Trump’s actions during his presidency, good and bad, were not his own ideas but were conveyed to him by conservative think-tank organizations? The Heritage Foundation, created in 1973, appointed itself to produce a plan for incoming presidents. Republican presidents starting with Ronald Reagan in 1981 accepted the so-called Mandate for Leadership. Democratic presidents have not participated.

In 2022, the Heritage Foundation published the ninth edition of Mandate on its website; and Project 2025 cements Trumpism into our government functions. Maybe the Foundation’s leaders decided what they want for our society, and perhaps they chose Trump as the man most willing and able to carry out their policies. Their ideas favor corporations and wealthy individuals.

They want to establish Christian Nationalism. Several of the think-tank leaders believe in “a commitment to an institutional separation between church and state, but not the separation of Christianity from its influence on government and society.” Please note both ideas cannot exist.

Our Constitution does not contain any phrase about separation of church and state. But it guarantees “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion.” It promises that we will not have a national religion. On page 13, the Mandate falsely states that pursuit of happiness really means pursuit of blessedness.

But legislators cannot force religion upon citizens. Our ancestors came here in the 1600s to enjoy religious freedom. Conservatives cannot force their preferred religions and morals onto other Americans. I am a Christian who supports pro-choice because freedom of religious practice is guaranteed to all citizens, including people whose religions do not forbid abortion. We cannot limit citizens’ civil rights.

Project 2025 includes:

•   Dismissal of the current civil service staff, and replacement by employees assessed for loyalty to Trump.

•   Control over the Department of Justice by the president.

•   Elimination of the FBI and Homeland Security.

•   Introduction of martial law so that our military can stop protesters.

•   Subdividing the Office of Management and Budget to mete out budgeted expenditures.

•   Exclusion of noncitizens from the census (although the census is supposed to track all people and not just citizens — stopping people who would likely vote Democratic.)

•   Discontinuation of strategies that prevent greenhouse emissions.

•   Abolishment of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

•   Discontinuation of Pell grants and Parent Plus loans.

•   Exclusion of Congress from some arms sales.

•   Taxing individuals at 15% or 30%, and corporations at 18%.

There’s so much more.

Lately, does it seem that case decisions from the Supreme Court are aligned with the policies of Project 2025? The same foundation leaders have courted our Justices. They use their wealth to manipulate our leaders. Potential foundation manipulation of our system is dangerous to democracy — unwelcome and uninvited.




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