YSU’s Johnson is nothing like Tressel


I’m very disappointed in Gov. Mike DeWine (whom I respect) for his ill-informed comparison between Bill Johnson and Jim Tressel.

Tressel was a teacher-coach at Ohio State University, where he led a winning team and administered Student Services at Akron University — these were university background experiences. He and his wife brought us respect, dedication and financial support as well.

Johnson has only a political background and a history of anti-student support — he is against aid for student loans, for one. Classes are cut for students, like at Dana, a world-recognized music school, while Johnson gets an enormous salary and benefits.

While I worked under two outstanding presidents at YSU, I am now ashamed that I ever taught there. As President Cochran said, the board of trustees at YSU, minus one, needs to be dismissed for the destruction of our university for political reasons.




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