Sound off! Readers share their thoughts

Readers share their thoughts

While the men’s March Madness craze is ready to see who can choose winners and who wins their work or family tournament, there is also the women’s March Madness. Watching basketball can be a fun treat and might relieve some everyday stress and tension at the end of a hard day’s work. Remember we have a local high school team, Ursuline, in the state semifinals. Go Ursuline!

• Youngstown

It is pretty rich of the city to complain of the “skyrocketing” cost of the wastewater corrections plan when leaders have apparently only been able to stall instead of actually fixing the issue. Hello project delays, meet inflation! This is also the same city that spent $1.5 million of wastewater funds on the Chill Can boondoggle and is on the hook for $1.5 million penalties to the EPA for noncompliance. Just fix the problem and protect the Valley’s waterways!

— Green Township

Though the election is over, I must comment on the disgusting flyer sent by “Friends of Niki Frenchko.” The near-pornographic, photoshopped depiction of her opponent supposedly “being pleasured” is revolting, to say the least. In fact, it should not have been allowed to go through the mail. Ms. Frenchko should be censored for that last-minute mailing. Fortunately, she lost in the primary, so — hopefully — we will not be troubled by the likes of her once her current term expires.

• Warren

Windows are now open to place your bets on how long it will take the candidates to remove their signs. The large ones are, in some cases, a distraction to drivers; the other ones are simply a nuisance and sight pollution. One good thing about the end of the election is that the mail carriers will have less junk mail to deliver. Mailed endorsements were definitely overdone this year.

• Warren

Let’s see, with primary elections complete the mudslinging will get deep! One thing to always remember is that Sherrod Brown will always support the Biden agenda! Sherrod Brown’s support of this misguided agenda only adds to every citizen’s daily struggle. Higher prices folks higher prices!

• Sebring

I sincerely hope people are listening to what Trump and the Republican Party are saying. They’re saying what they plan to do. Our democracy, women’s reproductive rights and civil rights are at stake. Also, is there a line Trump won’t cross?

• Niles

There was a Tribune story last week about a man who killed a pregnant Amish woman. He is charged with two homicides, one for killing the woman and one for killing the unborn fetus. Why can a doctor kill the same fetus during an abortion and not be charged? Either a fetus is a human life or it’s not. If it’s not, how can someone be charged with killing something that’s not alive? You can’t have it both ways.

• Newton Falls

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