Stunned by actions of Vance in Munich


I was stunned to see that our junior senator J.D. Vance was in Munich arguing that further aid to Ukraine would be a waste of money; that Putin and Ukraine should now come to the peace table.

Apparently, Vance does not know Russian history, is naive, or is simply parroting his mentor’s line about U.S. withdrawal from Europe.

Putin will accept peace when Ukraine unconditionally surrenders. He would literally ‘clean house’ of any Ukrainian that has resisted his efforts to recreate “Greater Russia.”

This part of northeastern Ohio has many people of Eastern European descent. Sadly, many do know what Poland, Slovakia, the Baltic countries et al. were like under Russia. Vance, a staunch supporter of Trump, who does not see the existential need to support NATO and Ukraine against a despotic Russia, seems willing to sacrifice millions of Ukrainians as England did in 1938 to Czechoslovakia. It was cowardly then and would be cowardly now. America has a track record of abandoning allies when the going gets tough. All the Ukrainians are asking for is a means to defend themselves. Not one drop of American blood needs to be shed.

It is ironic that Vance is calling for concessions from the Ukrainians in Munich. Maybe he should change his name to Chamberlain.




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