Reconsider area’s solar farm policy


I am deeply disappointed by the recent decisions of many of our local leaders to ban large-scale solar farms in some areas. This policy embodies irrational resistance to clean technologies that represent the future.

Our politicians have claimed these solar projects would undermine our way of life. Yet I suspect that if an old-fashioned steel mill were proposed here, no matter how polluting, our leaders would jump at the opportunity without a second thought.

The hypocrisy is astounding. While our region still suffers from brownfields left behind by previous steel mills, our leaders spread fears about solar panels. Though other communities welcome sustainability investments, we ban projects bringing clean power.

This solar ban signals our preference for past over future, for pollution over environmental soundness. What “way of life” are our leaders protecting when they cling to dirty industry over innovation, contamination over cleanliness?

They may not actively invite steel mills back, but their actions suggest an eagerness for yesterday’s economy over tomorrow’s. By obstructing solar advancement, they are obstructing our region’s health, viability and global competitiveness. With this short-sighted solar prohibition, they have demonstrated a profound lack of vision.

The choice for our region is clear: Will we leave more brownfields for the next generation by chasing phantom jobs in long-gone industries? Or will we build a competitive economy and clean environment to benefit local families for decades to come? A solar ban gives the wrong answer. I hope our leaders reconsider.




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