Look into Johnson’s gratuitous donation


So, in yet another attempt to ingratiate himself with the YSU community, Bill Johnson, the university’s 10th pro-tem president, has made a $100k donation to fund the construction of a new student center … but let’s do the math.

From the $100k, subtract the $86,000 pledged to prior campaigns by three members on the board of “trustees.” That leaves $14,000, which may or may not be covered by whatever is left from Johnsons prior congressional campaign war chest. If not, then consider this. From his annual salary of $410k, that means the remaining $14k would be covered by an amount equivalent to two weeks pay ($15,726).

Even if the above was considered merely hypothetical, how about the 501(c)(3) tax deduction (IRS code section 170)? That’s called a win-win arrangement, wouldn’t you say? Even better, if Johnson stays to earn that million-dollar, three-year contract, the new student center could be named after him. What a coup, right?

In the meantime, hard-earned donations raised by the YSU Foundation would continue to take a hit, for how long, no one really knows. And that doesn’t even begin to estimate the cost of this administration’s burden — including three staffers — to students and families having to bear the brunt.

Once again, the whole affair rests on an opaque, clandestine vetting and appointment process. As to how the “trustees” came up with that figure of $410k, plus bonus, plus perks likewise remains shrouded in secrecy.

To avoid further controversy and continued loss of donations, Johnson and his sidekick, Mike Peterson, are once again urged with post haste to arrange a prior announced, open and public forum to clear up what has become a presidential albatross.




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