Youngstown’s East Side has been forgotten


I wonder why the East Side of Youngstown is the forgotten side of the city. No development; it has the most green space in the city, prime for affordable housing and development.

Why is there not any noise about connecting the interstate to I-80? Why is all the development north and south of Youngstown State?

The residents of the East Side do pay taxes to the city. It is a shame and disgrace that the deterioration is so obvious. There is no upgrading of anything. The sign that says “Welcome to the beautiful East Side” is a joke. There is no accountability by elected officials. Telephone poles and wiring is almost dragging to the ground in many areas. The East Side corridor looks like Gaza.

Why do residents accept this kind of treatment from your elected officials? Have you seen Nick Johnson Park, the McGuffey Plaza area? What about the Sharon line? It is in the city limits and people do live there. Why do they not invest money in the McGuffey Centre? A historical institution.

Is the mayor the mayor of only the North and South Sides? I didn’t hear anything in his address about development on the East Side.

Residents, get off your butts and demand better from your leaders! Where is the ARP money being spent? That is government money — taxpayers’ money. It belongs to you!




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