Verbal attacks on Malloy a new low


And here we go again, defamation and lies to get their way.

From day one, crazy, unbelievable deer count, to a ton of other lies to be able to rid Mill Creek Park of every single deer by mass slaughter. Now, a new low, the defamation of Denny Malloy. Denny is a hunter who operates a deer shop, but also is a Trumbull County commissioner. He is a very well-known and honest man.

A new low is let’s get someone to defame Denny because he was one great court witness. He knows both sides of the story and is extremely knowledgeable about hunting and its rules, and the opposition knows how honest and credible Mr. Malloy is. This is why they got someone to blacken or try to blacken his good name. He’s not bought and paid for — like what I think is going on in this entire area.

To anyone who even had a doubt, this is such an obvious action to discredit Mr. Malloy. Why? He knows what he’s talking about, and in Aaron Young’s world, that’s a crime. Mr. Malloy is one of the best witnesses because his commissioner position speaks volumes; he is a well-known hunter with knowledge and, God forbid, he speaks the truth.

Hunting is supposed to be a challenge, not walk into a zoo, put food down and start shooting. That is exactly what Mill Creek’s Aaron Young and Nick Derico are having hunters do.

Now, this truly ignorant defamation of Mr. Malloy speaks volumes of how desperate to slaughter Aaron Young is. He’s also working on other animals.

It’s time for Mr. Young to buy his own park and get out of ours. God bless Denny Malloy. He is indeed the kind of politician everyone wants. Honesty rocks!




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