Blame for problems falls on only Frenchko


A recent newspaper editorial asserted that all three Trumbull County Commissioners are part of “political absurdity” and are “acting childish.”


Please consider the source of the problem. Niki Frenchko has shown over the past two and a half years that she cannot cooperate or communicate with anyone in the commissioners’ office, including her fellow commissioners.

Commissioners Denny Malloy, a Republican, and Mauro Cantalamessa, a Democrat, work together in a professional manner. They are conscientious, trustworthy, hard-working and ethical. By contrast, Frenchko has intentionally created chaos as a commissioner. She refuses to work with the other two commissioners, she attends meetings totally unprepared and lies about not receiving information that was available to all three commissioners. Frenchko does not attend Tuesday workshops and has missed scheduled commissioners meetings during her tenure.

Frenchko is sued regularly for her abusive and hostile behavior toward office and personnel and others who have filed grievances and civil rights actions against her. Frenchko has even improperly posted medical information about an employee on social media. Frenchko has demeaned Commissioner Malloy by pouring perfume on his seat and disparaging him personally. She has insulted Commissioner Cantalamessa’s Italian heritage, making false accusations about his family ties to the mafia. She has made the clerk cry during a public meeting and has disrupted most of the weekly meetings and interrupted many people when they are speaking. Only Frenchko could create enough disorder in the commissioners office to cause employees to be sent home early because they feared for their safety.

Frenchko is the real child here. She could have positioned her heater so it was not blowing on other room occupants. Instead, she destroyed government property on three separate occasions, once, wildly swinging a hammer as a public meeting was about to begin. This newspaper needs to be brave, honest, accurate and direct, and call out the real problem. Its name is Niki Frenchko.




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