Say no to all the woke Democrat mayors


Across the nation, Americans are no longer giving Democrat failed mayors a free ride.

With escalating crime, politically-motivated lax prosecution rates for crime and declining quality of life in Democrat-run cities, citizens are not only voting out failed mayors, like in Chicago recently, but voting loudly by leaving Democrat cities that put woke policies, lowered standards as their top priority for implementing delusional equity policies not based on reality, nor the current systemic decline in Democrat-run cities.

Locally, we see a mini Chicago, with escalating violent murder rates, failing public schools and woke policies being implemented to lower standards of policing, and glorifying drug use and decriminalization of drug crimes.

The top five cities in America losing populations and with fleeing businesses are run by woke Democrat mayors failing their citizens. Time to wake up, Mahoning Valley, and kick ’em to the curb when they fail your city and your children. Just say no to woke policies, failing public schools and lowered standards imposed for equity and inclusion.




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