How Republicans disrespect the law


Donald Trump says he’ll be indicted soon, which is a common enough American process, and he’ll have his day in court to make his case.

He went on to encourage his cult to fight back over this.

We saw how that turned out last time.

It’s called ‘incitement of violence,’ and it’s a felony. It was a felony last time, it’s a felony again now. And yet, I haven’t seen a single Republican in office call that out and encourage calmness and trust in the American process and rule of law. Instead, I’ve seen multiple Republicans take to social media and amplify Trump’s call to violence, including the sad excuse for a Speaker of the House.

And Marjorie Taylor Greene, herself a member of the last attempt to overthrow the government and somehow still not removed from office under the 14th Amendment, responded by saying Congress should shut down all ongoing criminal investigations into Donald Trump or she would shut down the whole government indefinitely with the budget bill.

As a reminder, obstructing ongoing criminal investigations is also a felony.

Why does the entire Republican party have such a complete lack of values and disrespect for law and order?




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