Consider what park, community will lose


The Mill Creek MetroParks administration claims to consider public input regarding park management. At the March 13 meeting, they revealed their collective duplicitous, self-serving and non-objective agenda of using the park for profit and development.

The data presented by Natural Resources Manager Nick Derico was from January 2022; therefore, it was outdated. The online survey reflected an approximate 50/50 split in public opinion. Most people there opposed the kill and expressed doubt the accuracy of numbers provided that reflected more than 300 deer per square mile. Two hunters in attendance stated that bow hunting is particularly cruel; they opposed the kill.

In an unusual display of sensitivity, board members repeatedly referred to the kill as a “harvest,” as if the deer are crops, and as “mitigation” of the deer, as if this involves some legal issue.

All but two areas identified for hunting will be closed to the public February through September.

Deer may be responsible for some damage in the park. Much more damage and habitat loss is caused by people. Park employees use herbicides, fertilizers, pesticides, chainsaws, trimmers, paving with toxic substances, fracking, litter and use of heavy vehicles. Encouragement of use of cars and buses to access most areas of the park cause irreversible damage and destruction of native plants and wildlife.

Yeah. Blame the deer. Take a look at the corner of Sheban Drive and Shields Road, at the end of the East Golf “hike and bike” trail at Route 224 for a telling view of park administration destruction.

The bikeway landgrab, neglect of property donated by the McGuffey Historical group, paving of dirt trails, destruction of old and young trees, and cruel killing of wildlife by gassing, leg traps, poison and hunting reflect a disengagement on the part of those entrusted to care for the living park and a disrespect for taxpayers.

The deer kill is not a done deal. The final vote will be at 6 p.m. April 10 at the MetroParks farm. Stop and think before you support the projects suggested by this administration. Think about what has been lost and what we stand to lose as a community as this administration whittles away at the park, inch by inch, in the spirit of greed. Thank you.




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