Dems’ actions added to our nation’s debt


From a career in consumer finance I learned you cannot borrow your way out of debt.

Whenever a debt is incurred, you begin working for the lender and not for yourself. Whatever your income, your first few hours of each day’s pay goes toward your obligation. After these are met, the remaining money can be used for necessities: food, gasoline, medical, savings, etc.

The purpose of this letter is to shed light on our federal government.

The people, through many forms of taxation, provide the income for elected government officials to meet our obligations. When the people we elect make foolish decisions based on their interests and not ours, we suffer.

The current administration, by allowing our southern border to be open to anyone willing to wade across the river, is wasting our hard-earned tax dollars intended for legitimate national obligations. Giving illegal immigrants cell phones, medical care, food, shelter and transportation to all parts of the country wastes our tax dollars and makes more borrowing necessary.

When the national debt is increased, more of our tax money is used for interest and principal, and reduces the amount available for previous commitments.

Since the government has no income but from the people, wasteful spending makes more borrowing necessary. So, what is their solution to more money? Hire 85,000 new IRS agents to tax us.

It is long past time for our elected officials to show fiscal responsibility for the trust placed in them when elected, and to correct their mistakes. Of course, the new Republican majority in the House of Representatives will shoulder the blame if they can’t solve the problems created by the Democratic majority and the president in the previous two years.




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