Why we’ll be voting straight Republican in Nov.


Millions of illegal immigrants allowed to enter the United States on President Joe Biden’s watch will cost American taxpayers more than $20 billion per year.

Almost 5 million illegals crossed the U.S. border in the first 18 months of the Biden presidency, including an estimated 1 million getaways, according to Customs and Border Protection figures. Many are allowed to remain.

It’s still a few weeks away from the November election, but it’s time to research what socialist Democrats are doing to America. The border crisis is just one example.

My wife, Charlene, and I have been registered Democrats for years. She was a Democrat precinct committeewoman when we lived in Youngstown.

Both of us will vote straight Republican in November!

Besides border issues, here are some other reasons:

1. The highest rate of inflation in many years.

2. Gas prices still sky high even after coming down about $1.50 locally in recent weeks. (What happens when our strategic oil reserves are depleted by the Democrats? What about pipeline workers who lost their jobs so the Democrats — the working man’s friends — can force electric vehicles on us? And did you know more air pollution is created during the manufacturing of electric car batteries than is created by all the millions of gasoline-powered vehicles on roads today?)

3. Student loans being forgiven.

4. We’re not opposed to abortion under certain medical conditions: health of mother and baby, rape, etc. We are against abortion on demand.

5. Biden and Democrats want to tax your investments. Can you afford to give our government even more of your money?

6. Democrat-controlled cities are overrun with drug addicts, drug dealers, homeless, etc., costing taxpayers millions of dollars.

7. Grocery bills through the roof and still climbing.

8. Never-ending supply chain problems.

Biden is nothing more than a puppet, whose strings are pulled by the socialist left.

Make no mistake, Democrats don’t want America to be the world’s leader. The plan is to bring us down to Third-World status, to do away with the middle class while Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Tim Ryan and the rest of the elitists get richer at our expense.

The Republicans have their own issues, but we’ll take J.D. Vance over Ryan, a shameless liar who has never had a real job; Dr. Oz over John Fetterman, a conservative Republican turned socialist Democrat, a man who barely can communicate because of a catastrophic stroke.

One of few protesters at the recent Vance-Donald Trump rally in Youngstown was quoted as saying socialism is a good thing. Really? Adolph Hitler was a socialist.

Please think about who you want to vote for.

See you at the polls.




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