Remember the past, do not repeat it


Writer and philosopher George Santayana stated, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” We see this every day in America. The “big lie,” hate and disrespect for our country and its laws is rampant. This must stop now, or our country will wind up as another Nazi Germany.

“Mein Kampf,” Adolph Hitler’s blueprint for a Nationalist Germany, is being followed today by many Americans. The “big lie” perpetrated by Hitler is being used by Donald Trump and his supporters. Tell a lie loud and enough times, and people will believe it. Even though over 60 courts, the federal government and many of the state governments have stated there was no widespread election fraud, many Trump supporters and Trump himself continues to believe there was widespread fraud, all without evidence.

Hate and a division of Americans is another example of how to gain a nationalistic dictatorship. Lies and stereotyping minorities is another way of splitting our country, not bringing us together as a nation. The Nazis suppressed and eventually slaughtered Jews, homosexuals, blacks and others. By aligning himself with hate groups, such as the Oath Keepers and Proud Boys, Trump proves he has no intention or need to strengthen our country by bringing us together. Instead, it appears to be “divide-and-conquer” mentality.

We now hear from Trump supporters that we need “shock troops” to overrun and change our elected form of government. It’s reminiscent of the Nazi “Brown Shirts” of the 1930s. Trump and his supporters talk of “getting even” with those on his “enemies list.” Is this the American way of government? I think not.

Another thing that seems to be missing from America is respect. By saying the only true war hero is one that does not get captured, Trump insulted every American who served our country in time of war. Making fun of the parents of a slain serviceman on national TV not only was embarrassing for the nation but was callous and disrespectful. Yet many veteran organizations and veterans still support Trump.

What vision do you see for the future of our country? Do you want to have a country that works together for the good of all citizens? Or do you want a country divided by hate and lies?

Let’s work together for the preservation of the American way of life. We do not need another Nazi regime.




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