Help us to oppose parole of 2 killers


We write on behalf of my family regarding the parole hearing for Charles Teague (A156577) and David Jacobs (A156579).

In 1979, these men abducted, raped and murdered our daughter, sister, cousin and friend, Elaine Poullas. These men were looking to steal a car and found Elaine in the back seat of a vehicle she was sleeping in, as she was not feeling well. They drove her to Mill Creek Park and took her dignity, a Timex watch, a dollar and then her life. The abduction, rape and larceny weren’t enough for these men, as they took her life as she begged them to let her go.

Our family has been Elaine’s voice as these men have been up for parole several times since they have been incarcerated. We are grateful to The Vindicator for publishing our letters throughout the process of their parole hearings and the support we have received over the years from all who knew what a beautiful person Elaine was. She was robbed of her life at the age of 20.

In 2022, we were aware they would once again be up for parole. We asked people that knew Elaine or remember her case to write to the parole board in opposition of their potential release, via our Facebook page.

After a recent phone call with Victim Services, we were informed their hearings went forward in July; however, the decision is being delayed until October 2022, per their attorney’s request.

This news makes us very uneasy, to say the least. Could these men have a possibility of being released? This absolutely cannot happen! They were sentenced to life in prison, and life means life.

We don’t think anyone would be comfortable knowing these men potentially may be released to society.

We are asking for letters to the parole board in opposition of their release. This can be done online at www.DRC.Ohio.gov/parole-board/contact, or mailed to Parole Board, 4545 S. Fisher Road Columbus, OH 43228. Please include their inmate numbers listed above, as this is required information, and they can be properly be placed in their permanent files.

Thank you for considering and taking the time to support Elaine, our family and countless friends by writing on her behalf.





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