Boycott avocados grown in Mexico


Most people don’t know that there is a connection between the monarch butterfly and avocados from Mexico. The monarch butterfly migrates thousands of miles to Mexico to winter in rare oyamel fir trees. They have done this for 10,000 years.

That small area, and the buffer zone around it, are being destroyed to grow avocados, because of the high demand in the United States. There is big money in growing avocados, and cartels have become involved in and have taken over some farms.

Perhaps you saw the Super Bowl ad with the slogan, “Avocados from Mexico.” It should have been an ad for “Buy American.” The United States grows beautiful avocados, as does Peru. Their crops do not take a toll on the delicate monarch butterfly.

Scientists estimate the monarch population in the Eastern U.S. has fallen 80 percent since the 1990s. According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature, the monarch is now considered “endangered” and moving closer to extinction. Everyone needs to do their part to support U.S. avocado farmers and the monarch butterflies.

What can you do? Boycott “avocados from Mexico.” Contact corporate offices of major grocery chains and urge them to find another source to supply avocados to their customers.

“Buy American.” And plant milkweed!


New Springfield


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