Frustration is rising over failures of Biden


Joe Biden has a 38 percent approval rating; Kamala Harris 28 percent. A recent writer from Canfield stated the Republican platform is “tax cuts for the rich, white supremacy and anti-LGBTQ rights.” I missed those items in the Republican platform.

Biden called Kyle Rittenhouse a white supremacist after he shot three white people trying to kill him, and was acquitted. Is that white supremacy? Build Back Better bill contains massive taxes and coal mining regulations. Coal miners have mined for generations — they don’t know anything else. Where will they go for a job? Maybe they can ask workers from the border wall and the Keystone Pipeline for employment advice. Do you think Joe Manchin knows this? Build Back Better contains tax cuts for the rich in New York, California and Illinois, higher than anything Trump ever did.

People I know don’t discuss LGBTQ. Marry who you want, work where you want and live where you want. That’s your right. We are concerned with the highest inflation in 40 years, gas prices up 60 percent, loss of energy independence, disaster at the border and the most disgraceful thing this country ever did, pulling out of Afghanistan in the middle of the night — ask Gold Star families. My friends

and I are in our 60s, all still working, some two jobs. We worked our entire lives — myself 50 years — and we cannot retire yet.

Another letter writer is angered by the “Let’s go, Brandon” slogan, a slogan born of frustration. We’re sick of COVID-19 regulations that change daily. Candidate Biden said, “A president that allows 200,000 people to die of COVID should not be president. Elect me and I will stop COVID.” When Trump was president, 352,000 people died. America elected Biden, and in his 11 months, 456,000 died from COVID-19.

We are sick of Biden’s constant lying. Remember, Biden dropped out of the 1988 race for plagiarism and lies. I watched him tell a truck driver he had a CDL and drove over the road when he was young. He went to South Africa to protest Nelson Mandela’s incarceration and was jailed.

Yes, we are frustrated, and Republicans do use the “Let’s go, Brandon” slogan.

Democrats burn and loot cities to express frustration.

I’ll stick with the Republicans.




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