Liberals should check facts, not spout lies


Author Michael Savage said, “Liberalism is a brain disorder.” Now that Marxist liberals have government control, Savage’s assertion seems true.

Biden immediately shot down oil exploration and the Keystone pipeline, ending thousands of good-paying jobs and energy independence. We now import oil from OPEC. Gas prices have climbed 56 percent in nine months. Liberals want us to give up internal combustion engines, switching to electric to curb emissions. Unfortunately, China and India have far greater emissions than the U.S. but refuse to do anything. Electric prices will skyrocket once we all go electric. Have you ever had electric go out during summer’s high demand, or during a storm? Remember Texas last winter?

The greatest lie is: “I won’t raise taxes on anybody making less than $400,000 per year; the rich will pay for all this.” Inflation is out of control, which affects us all. The rich, who create jobs, will make cuts to pay higher taxes, resulting in layoffs. That is you. Banks report $600 transactions to the IRS; that also is you. There are 80,000 new IRS agents to track spending and income; that is you. The rich have CPAs and lawyers to help keep their money.

Since this administration is disaster, liberals center on Jan. 6. They keep harping on the “insurrection.” It was a horrible day, but it was a riot by fervent Trump supporters that could not accept the election. Out of 600 arrested, after intense investigation by the FBI, how many were charged with sedition or insurrection? Zero. Most cases were trespassing.

Unlike the BLM riots that resulted in costly damage, few were prosecuted. Of five deaths on Jan. 6, four were Trump supporters: one heart attack, one stroke, one unknown, and one unarmed female veteran killed by Capitol Police.

The Capitol cop that died on Jan. 6 first was reported by CNN as being beaten to death by a fire extinguisher. The subsequent autopsy found no injuries, no effects from mace. He died from a stroke.

Biden took credit for vaccines. He said his administration was left with no vaccine or plan to combat the virus. Trump created and funded Operation Warp Speed and had achieved 1 million vaccinations per day before leaving office. Does Biden not know he received his vaccine while Trump was still president?

Maybe liberals should stop writing letters that are untrue. They should spend time figuring out how to pay bills as inflation created by the liberal-in-chief chokes us all. They also should fact check and sign a letter, as I did, instead of anonymously spouting lies about Trump.




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