The vaccinated have their rights as well


I am writing in regard to the current pandemic crisis in our country. I feel like I am living in some surreal reality filled with misinformation, delusional constructs and a minimization of the severity of the surge of this pandemic by our local community and national media.

I hear people daily expressing worries about their personal “right” not to vaccinate. I also hear about parents’ “rights” to not mask their children in school.

God forbid, you care about protecting your family, neighbor, friend or co-worker. God forbid you protect the medically vulnerable or your own children from this virus.

Why should you care if someone’s elderly parent gets turned away from our local ER because there are no beds available, as they all are being occupied by the unvaccinated who chose to not protect themselves. Who cares if someone else’s child is lying ill at Akron Children’s Hospital — as long as it’s not your child. Anyway, the scientists are lying, masks don’t work, and most importantly, “no one is going to tell me what to do.”

It all sounds like tantrums of a toddler. Adulting is looking at the collective good, letting go of egocentrism and caring for others. There is something significantly wrong with what has happened in our world.

Take a minute to ask yourself how you will feel when you infect your loved one or you end up fighting for your life because you chose to turn a health pandemic into a political issue!

We, the people, have the “right” to live safely and get our lives back; we, the people, have the right to go to work and not worry about an unvaccinated co-worker infecting us. We, the people, have the right for our children to be able to go to school and remain safe from the virus. We, the people, have rights, too!




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