President Joe Biden making many errors


A Sept. 19 letter to the editor, “Admitting your errors makes you stronger,” caught my eye.

Five paragraphs suggested that many errors were made by the previous administration but gave not one specific example of a “mistake” or “error.”

The writer must have missed the last administration’s gains. His lack of information is understandable, since most successes were ignored by mainstream national media.

Not long ago our southern border was secure. The Remain-in-Mexico policy and the “wall” prevented a tsunami of illegal aliens. Trump rightly said, “Without strong borders, we don’t have a country.” Less heroin, fentanyl and other lethal drugs came into our communities, and fewer gang members. We were energy independent, with cheaper fuel and thousands of petroleum-based products. The economy was strong, with record-low unemployment (lowest in 50 years) for all segments, including women, blacks, Hispanics and those without a high school diploma. We had tax reductions for all economic classes, especially needed by the middle class. Household median income rose to a record $61,372 in 2017. Reduced burdensome regulations for businesses and renegotiated trade agreements helped us compete globally. He challenged our NATO partners to pay their fair share.

Obama said it would take a magic wand to bring back manufacturing jobs, yet President Trump brought back 500,000 in his first two years. He leveraged tariffs to counter China’s violating trade agreements, stealing intellectual property, currency manipulation and product dumping. “Operation Warp Speed” provided the world three COVID-19 vaccines in unprecedented time. I could write more.

These accomplishments were executed as President Trump battled the “swamp creatures” on the right and the left, using false evidence to launch two inquisitions disguised as impeachments.

Contrast the last administration to our current state. Thousands of illegal immigrants are entering over our southern border and are dispersed across our country. More are coming. The hypocrisy of blaming unvaccinated citizens for failing to conquer COVID-19, while allowing thousands of aliens to enter without vaccinations is astonishing. The consequences to our culture cannot be undone and will last into the future.

People are being paid not to work, while Biden wonders why the economy is sluggish. Feds are printing money without commensurate improvement in productivity and wonder why inflation is increasing. The $3.5 trillion Democrat spending bill will not improve the weather as promised, but will exacerbate inflation.

And there is the Afghan withdrawal. Thirteen military killed, 10 innocents droned (seven children) and many left behind in a Sharia law nightmare.

Joe Biden, big tech and mainstream media conned 80 million voters.

Unfortunately, we all suffer his incompetence and so will future generations!




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