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One cannot help but wonder how much a “Bat Survey Coordinator” with ODNR makes. There are hopefully other duties in the job. One may also wonder how much a restitution charge for a bat really is. Four endangered species are surely equal. If no bats are seen before dark, it would be best to cut the tree immediately so no bats found that tree overnight, placing the tree’s owner in jeopardy of restitution charges. This must not be fake news!


Diane Dimond tries to defend Republicans’ attack on First Amendment rights. She asks, “Why don’t minorities just do what the officers say?” This ignores the fact that officers kill 1,100 Americans annually, compared with 55 in Canada, and three in England. Minorities are killed three times more. Minorities often obey or lack time to respond before being killed. Protesters march because this has gone on for decades. It just took video to bring it to light.


If justice delayed is justice denied, who is denying justice to the great majority of Americans who witnessed with anger insurrectionist terrorists and their flip-flopping politicians try to stop the outcome of a free and fair election? Write your representative and senator to ask if they support insurrection. Ask why they are allowing time, now nearly four months, to go by without prosecution of identified members of the mob or their supporters in Congress who are whitewashing the events of Jan 6.


I’m vaccinated, but I still wear a mask. When I have an appointment with my hairstylist, masks are required. My grocery store requires masks. So, why aren’t masks required in apartment complex halls and laundry rooms? Building maintenance workers wear masks. Some tenants who work at nursing homes or hospitals never wear masks in the halls. When there is a chance meeting in the hall, it is not possible to keep 6 feet apart.


I read with interest the newspaper article concerning decline in viewership at this year’s Academy Awards. Fake news once again! Blame was placed on theaters being closed, people not recognizing nominees’ names, yada yada yada! Not once was it even mentioned or inferred what the real problem is! Viewers are tuning out because the “Hollywood Elite” thinks we all want to hear their political views! Such nonsense! I haven’t watched for several years.


The disaster inflicted on this country over the first 100 days of the Biden / Harris giveaway administration can only be surpassed by a cataclysmic second hundred days.


I was watching TV and saw an ad for a COVID-19 vaccine. The Biden administration’s slogan is “vaccine sets you free.” If you go back in history not long ago, there was another slogan, “Arbeit macht frei” which is German for “Work sets you free.” This slogan is known for appearing on the entrance of Auschwitz and other Nazi concentration camps. How history repeats itself, and if we don’t remember history,

we are doomed to repeat it.


Once again Joe Biden is lying. In his address Wednesday night, he claimed he created more jobs in his first 100 days than any other president. These are jobs where people are going back to because states like Florida and Texas opened up after government lockdowns. He took credit for the vaccines available only because of Donald Trump’s Operation Warp Speed. Everything was in place to distribute vaccines. But it’s OK, man, if Joe lies, because he’s a good guy.




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