Here’s what Trump did for American citizens


In the March 28 edition of The Vindicator, a letter from Russ Nalepa raised concerns about a suggestion that a park be named after President Trump. What really caught my attention was the letter writer said he “cannot think of anything he (Trump) did for America.” In addition, the letter asked for a list of things Trump did for us. I would like to accommodate, but due to limited space here, my list is abbreviated. A full list is certainly available.

President Trump, when it comes to messaging, can be pompous and demeaning, but he takes all comers straight on, which is refreshing. Anyone who does not believe he loves our country, stands up for our flag and will defend our country to the end, is sorely mistaken and just refusing to accept the truth. He does not cower to our adversaries, nor our allies, when it comes to what’s best for America, as long as it’s fair.

The writer blamed the loss to COVID-19 of more than 500,000 of our citizens on President Trump, for not admitting there was a “problem” when the pandemic hit and therefore, did nothing about it. Even Trump’s harshest critics admit “Operation Warp Speed” was a tremendous success.

Regarding foreign affairs, the letter seems to suggest Trump made “friends” with North Korean dictator, Kim Jung Un and called him his “favorite dictator.” That is all part of Trump’s negotiation tactics (perhaps he should read “The Art of the Deal”). Let us all remember he referred to Kim Jong Un as “Little Rocket Man.” That doesn’t sound very endearing to me.

Here is my abbreviated list of President Trump’s accomplishments, prior to the pandemic:

Unemployment reached 50-year low at 3.5 percent, including record unemployment lows for blacks, Hispanics, Asians, veterans, native Americans and the disabled; lifted nearly 7 million from food stamps; “America First” took strong action to combat unfair trade practices; refreshing support for American farmers; U.S. became energy independent; rebuilt military; signed legislation to improve care for our veterans; and supported legislation to end late-term abortions.


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