Cheers to Youngstown Health Department


I am writing to commend the Youngstown City Health District on its COVID-19 vaccine distribution at OCCHA recently. After hearing many complaints from numerous family and friends about other distribution sites, both locally and across the country, with extended waits, delayed appointments, inadequate indoor waiting areas resulting in being exposed to frigid temperatures or uncomfortable cars and the lack of sufficient parking, our experience could not have been better.

My 101-year-old father and I arrived about 10 minutes before our appointed time. The parking coordinator facilitated a spot near the door, since my dad uses a motorized wheelchair. We were immediately greeted as we entered the building and taken directly to a large, socially-distanced waiting room. The check-in and paperwork was simple and easily understandable. In very short order, we were escorted to another room where we almost immediately received our shots. The post-

injection waiting space was also comfortable and socially distanced.

Whoever was responsible for the site selection, the layout and flow within the facility, and the coordination of the inoculations did an outstanding job. All of the individuals with whom we had contact were helpful, professional and understanding. Even the process of scheduling the appointment was relatively quick and simple.

Kudos to the Youngstown City Health District and all the staff and volunteers for an exceptional job.




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