Park name should not be ‘Trump’


I was very interested to see that a certain state representative wants to change the name of the park (which is a wonderful facility, by the way) to honor former President Donald J. Trump.

In his presentation, he stated that it was in honor of “all the things he has done for us.” I would like a list of them. I cannot think of anything that he did for America. As far as I can tell, everything was done for Donald J. Trump and his cronies and compatriots.

Yes, he did lower the tax rate, saving the wealthy a great deal of tax money, which could have actually done some good for America. Other than that “accomplishment,” I can only think of the half million or so people dying from COVID-19 who didn’t have to die if he would just have admitted that there was a problem and done something about it. Yes, he decided to “do something” about the “hordes” of immigrants coming to America. This resulted in thousands of children separated from their families and some dying because they didn’t speak enough English to tell someone that they were sick. He did manage to alienate many of our traditional allies and at the same time make “friends?” with the likes of Kim Jong Un. He even named a “favorite dictator” while in office.

I recently read a letter in the Tribune extolling Mr. Trump’s business acumen. Look at his record, not his hype. I think you will be shocked at how incompetent he is.




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