Not getting help fighting city blight


I am a resident of the northeast side of Youngstown. Over the last 10 years or so, my neighbors and I have been at war over properties surrounding our street, which have been allowed to become run down, trash dumps and code violators. We have attempted to contact city council representatives to no avail. Calls and emails go unanswered. We have met with two different mayors and their staffs. We get nothing but excuses and no relief!

I have spoken at city council meetings asking for help. Nothing! Then, I recently read that property values have increased because blight has been removed from certain areas in the county. Not where I live.

My homeowners insurance bills me $135 a month because they value the replacement of my property at approximately $380,000, but the treasurer values it at about $50,000. Why?

I know that when the county evaluates properties on a street, they look at the property of immediate neighbors and those on adjoining streets. My immediate neighbors and I do everything we can do to maintain our properties, but those on adjoining streets, including properties surrounding us, are one violation after another.

Police rarely patrol in my neighborhood. If and when they do, they drive through with a blind eye, ignoring numerous cars parked in yards and on grass; construction equipment and cabs of 18-wheeler trucks parked on residential properties; people conducting business on streets and in houses designated as residential. How is this allowed to go on without even a peep from city government?

Finally, I read a letter to the editor a while back about violence in the city. Of course I don’t believe that the writer is aware of my complaints, but I will say to him, if he reads this, remember the saying, take care of the little things, and the big things will take care of themselves.

Enforcing residential living standards is a must — a little thing. After that, I’m sure the big issue of violence can be brought under control — a big thing, and maybe even stopped!




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