Biden failing on his campaign promises


Maybe it is time for politicians to take / pass lie detector and cognitive tests before being permitted to run for or hold public office.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said President Biden’s administration inherited the “broken immigration system” from former President Trump. It seems she doesn’t remember the problem existed for many years, as she and then Senator / Vice President Biden and others kicked the “immigration can” down the road instead of solving the problem. Blaming the previous president, a Washington outsider, for bequeathing the problem seems to be a lie or forgetfulness. It is sad to think that the people who voted for President Biden did so because they wanted: a new border crisis with thousands of undocumented people scattered throughout the country, to stop the XL pipeline and lay off 10,000 workers, to stop being energy independent, to raise gasoline prices, to raise income taxes, and to turn his back on reporters and walk away whenever they tried to ask questions.

What happened to being transparent and bringing us together that was promised prior to the election?




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