Why does Biden want us energy dependent?


First of all, with current technology available for commercial use, the term renewable energy is a misnomer. Lithium batteries have a life expectancy before they need replacing. The cases and spent lithium needed to be dealt with. Lithium is difficult to recycle. Perhaps the used cases that are made from petroleum can be recycled.

The wind turbines also have a limited life expectancy before being rebuilt or replaced (also kill millions of birds and bats per year). You need fossil fuels to make theses items. In addition, these so-called renewables need rare earth elements such as cobalt. Cobalt mainly comes from mines in Africa where child labor is used. Pristine areas of Africa have to be destroyed to obtain these minerals. I guess all you progressives don’t care since the mine isn’t in your backyard.

China has been busily cutting deals with these African countries for access to these minerals. Actually, they are exploiting these countries, enriching the leaders, while the population lives a subsistent lifestyle. We also will be dependent on other countries for these minerals.

Even U.S. Rep. Tim Ryan couldn’t criticize Biden for his executive orders on drilling on public lands, despite the fact they are financially harming some of his constituents. In The Vindicator, he was quoted as being glad that Biden stopped drilling in our national parks. The trouble is drilling is already banned in the national parks. His ignorance of this is troubling.

The only truly renewable energy source would be nuclear fusion, since the most plentiful element in the universe is hydrogen. This technology will be developed at some point in the future.

Perhaps fuel cells at some point will be able to power our vehicles, with the only emission being water vapor.

I hate to mention that water vapor is the most prevalent greenhouse gas in our atmosphere (75 percent). Prudence would seem to dictate that natural gas is the perfect bridge fuel until these other technologies are developed.

If the USA went to all solar and wind for all its energy needs, half of the nation’s land mass would be dedicated to solar and wind farms. Not healthy for the animals and plants that live in these areas. Why President Biden wants us very dependent on other countries for our energy needs is truly bewildering. I guess the far left will do whatever it takes in order to accomplish its political ends.




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