How poll workers guard against fraud


This is in response to a Feb. 14 letter from a man who said he left the Democratic Party after 53 years. I am happy for him. This is an exercise in freedoms.

What’s wonderful about our country is you can change parties every year as led by your beliefs, conscience or political parties.

The writer also stated, “If you think the election wasn’t stolen, you’re a fool.” I guess I am a fool because I don’t think the election was stolen. I worked the polls for over 15 years except the last two.

I worked as judge, assistant presiding judge and presiding judge. We poll workers take an oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution and to the best of our abilities run elections to be fair to all voters. We ensure all voters are treated with respect and assist voters when requested. We make sure you can vote, and that your vote is counted.

Equal numbers of Democrats and Republicans work each polling precinct. If fraud were committed, it would be reported immediately to the board of elections. After polls close, machines are shut down and votes are counted by the machine, total and posted and reconciled. All ballots are sealed and delivered to the board of elections by the presiding judge and the assistant presiding judge. The judges are a Democrat and Republican riding in the same car to the board of elections, to eliminate any doubt of fraud.

If anyone believes fraud was committed, I suggest you work the polls. I am sure the board of elections would welcome you.

Regarding dead people voting, that could happen if they requested an absentee ballot and died after completing and mailing it. If they died before the election, maybe their vote would count.

It is a shame our elected officials take oaths to be unbiased and vote their conscience, but when put to the test, they buckle and vote party lines.

I congratulate the seven Republicans to break from party lines to find the former president guilty. It’s a shame they’re getting backlash from their party and people back home. They voted unbiased and their conscience, and now they pay the price.

I respect them for their decision but condemn all who voted party lines. Do these senators think for themselves, or do they follow their party like puppies?

We deserve better from our Congress and senators. We need elected officials to vote for the good of the country instead of the party.


North Lim


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